Rescuers parade uniforms on the red carpet

Photos: Karin Kaljuläte (Delfi)

Four voluntary rescuers wore the parade uniform of the rescuers at the festive reception of the President of the Republic on the Estonian Independence Day. From the left you can see parliament member  Artur Talvik (with his wife Anneli Talvik) in the uniform of sea rescue unit, Marge Zaidullin and Voldemar Zaidullin who are the founding members of the Aasukalda rescue brigade and the chairman of Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association Rait Killandi (with his wife Karmel Killandi) in the parade uniforms of fire squads.

First look at the female rescuers in uniform

Photos by Reet Sau

Marge Zaidullin, the best voluntary rescue promoter in 2015 is the first woman to wear the brand new parade uniform of the Estonian voluntary rescuers. She is the founding member of the Aasukalda rescue brigade, working as an active rescuer but also contributing in the fields of fire prevention and youth work.

Prototype of the Rescuers beret

The first model of the beret that belongs to the uniform of the Estonian Volunteer Rescuers was finished today. From this unique model all future berets for the volunteers are developed.

Rescuers parade Uniform on the red carpet

Foto: Erlend Štaub (Postimees)

Member of the parliament Mr. Artur Talvik wore a festive uniform designed for volunteer sea rescue teams at the reception of the President of the Republic of Estonia and Mrs. Ieva Ilves on the Estonian Independence Day. Talvik is well-known Estonian film producer and screenwriter.


First pieces of clothing for the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association designed by Madis Nurms are now ready. The first component of firefighting equipment is the uniform that a firefighter will wear around the station. Also the first batch of metal buttons for the parade uniform of the rescuers arrived today. Both embellished with image of stylized "V" that stands for "volunteer".

Uniforms for the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association

The designs for the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association are now ready.
EVRA is a non-profit organisation established in order to unite different voluntary rescue organisations and represent, execute and protect their interests. Today the Association has 96 member organisations, which represent 103 voluntary fire squads and 29 sea rescue teams. Through legal entities it unites more than 2000 people.