First pieces of clothing for the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association designed by Madis Nurms are now ready. The first component of firefighting equipment is the uniform that a firefighter will wear around the station. Also the first batch of metal buttons for the parade uniform of the rescuers arrived today. Both embellished with image of stylized "V" that stands for "volunteer".

The buttons are made in the Estonian workshops of  Sporrong, one of the oldest companies in Sweden. The designs for voluntary fire squads and sea rescue teams vary in terms of text and symbols. All buttons have been coated with a thin layer of silver and oxidized to give them their cold-black look. The "V" and textual part of the button are hand-polished to give them unique sheen.       

The station uniform is made in the workshops of Pambu and consists of softshell with detachable sleeves and trousers that are held up by suspenders.
It's purpose is to provide a comfortable clothing that the rescue teams wear around the station, and that will not become an obstruction when a firefighter is required to put on his turnout gear.

Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association is a non-profit organisation established in order to unite different voluntary rescue organisations and represent, execute and protect their interests. Today the Association has 96 member organisations, which represent 103 voluntary fire squads and 29 sea rescue teams. Through legal entities it unites more than 2000 people.


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