Full video of "La Traviata"

The full performance of PromFest production of Giuseppe Verdi's "La Traviata" is now available on YouTube.  Winners of the Klaudia Taev Competition for opera singers lead the cast of this gloomy story.
When a glamorous call girl Violetta Valéry finds love in her admirer Alfredo Germont, it seems nothing can keep them apart. But the rules of society and family expectations betray them, and Violetta’s fate takes a tragic turn.

"La Traviata" at Birgitta Festival

For a few August nights, the imposing ruins of the Pirita monastery are turned into a modern opera house where various genres of musical theatre are performed. This year a performance of "La Traviata" lights up the dim August nights.

"La traviata" at Pärnu Concert Hall

Today is the second performance of a new production of Verdi's "La traviata" at the Pärnu Concert Hall.
The design of the opera is based on the concept of downfall and decay. The subject of fading fairness becomes especially relevant in the story of a fallen woman who’s only valued for her external beauty. The sharp angles and brilliant surfaces of the set design are meant to form an urban background for the sinister costumes – and to bring to life the “crowded desert which is known to men as Paris.”

"Aida" at Birgitta festival

Giuseppe Verdi's "Aida", directed and designed by Madis Nurms is performed tomorrow August 12th at Pirita convent, Tallinn during the 11th Birgitta Festival. 

Giuseppe Verdi took a principled stand on human rights. He never visited Egypt and in his correspondence he has stated that he could never admire the Ancient Egyptian civilization that had based its achievements on slavery and authoritarian power. In the libretto of “Aida” too, what fascinated him beyond the glitter of Egypt, was the impotence of man before the theocratic state. And thus PromFest’s “Aida” has no painted pyramids and bronzed slave boys, it is instead an attempt to explore the limits of the grand political spectacle, which casts nations into the whirlwind of war and changes the fates of hundreds at a whim.

Last "Tsar's Bride" in Estonia

The last chance to see the production of N.Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Tsar's Bride" in Estonia is on Thursday, August 15th 2013.  The performance will take place at the Brigitta Festival in Tallinn. The staging is specially adapted to the venue - a medieval monastery on the coast of Pirita bay. 

Last "Attila" today

The last chance to see the production of G.Verdi's "Attila" in Estonia arrives today, August 13th 2011.  The performance will also be broadcasted live via Classical Radio of Estonian Public Broadcasting.

"Attila" at the Birgitta Festival

 The production of G.Verdi's "Attila" will have its last performance in Estonia at the Birgitta festival in the medieval Pirita convent in Tallinn.