Last three "Aidas"

After four years of performances its time to say goodbye to the production of G.Verdi's "Aida". 

"Aida" returns

It's time to raise the curtain on Giuseppe Verdi's "Aida" for only three performances this year. Soloists of this production are of many nationalities (Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia) so the performances are quite rare. There are only three shows of "Aida" in 2017. 

"In theory the idea of opera-thug Nurms directing the utterly lyrical „Aida“ seems like an act of aesthetic vandalism or even an iconoclasm. In practice the meeting of the romantic opera and a postmodernist director/designer turned out to be rather exciting, with all the virtues and disadvantages of the experiment itself."

Postimees - June 2nd 2015