"Kratt" goes to Russia and Finland

Ballet "Kratt" (choreographed by Marina Kesler) lights up the stage of Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg on October 23th and Alexander Theatre in Helsinki on November 21-22, 2017. The guest performances coincide with the release of the DVD of the production. DVD was produced by Estonian Public Broadcasting and directed by a seasoned TV director Ruti Murusalu who specializes in capturing dance on film. 

"Kratt" guest performances IN Tartu

Today ballet "Kratt" (The Goblin) by Eduard Tubin has two long anticipated guest performances at Vanemuine Theatre, Tartu.

The choreographer of the piece is Marina Kesler, music director Vello Pähn, set designer Madis Nurms, costume designer Gerly Tinn, lights by Karmen Tellisaar and video by Argo Valdmaa.

"Kratt" at the Helikon Opera

This Sunday, October 16th, ballet "Kratt" (The Goblin) by Eduard Tubin will be performed at the Helikon Opera. Helikon Opera is a Russian opera company based in Moscow, specializing in unconventional productions. The company was founded by stage director Dmitry Bertman and gave its first performance in 1990.

"Kratt" comes back to life

As of September "Kratt" (the Goblin) is back on the stage of Estonian National Opera. "Kratt" holds a special importance for the Estonians since it is based on national folklore and is also the first ballet with a score by an Estonian composer, Eduard Tubin.

Premiere of "Kratt" tonight

The ballet "Kratt" will open tonight at the Estonian National Opera. 
The set design combines stories from Estonian folklore with contemporary themes and materials. The two acts of the ballet are supported by two main figures in the set design - a sleek factory, constructed of aluminium and sheer plastic, and wooden but soulless tree. Geometrical shapes used in the design elements are inspired by embroidery patterns.

Video teaser of ballet "Kratt"

Production preview video of ballet "Kratt" (Goblin) at the Estonian National opera. Some parts of the set design will make their debut at the end of this video.

Parts of "Kratt" on the stage for the first time

Ballet Kratt

“The Goblin” is the first Estonian ballet as well as Eduard Tubin’s first work for a music theatre. The work is based on a mythical character from Estonian folklore, the Goblin, whose sole purpose is to serve his greedy master, the Farmer, in obtaining riches. In Marina Kesler’s rendition, the story crosses the borders of one nation’s folklore: in a contemporary money-hungry world the Goblin is like a voice in people’s head, finding excuses why there is never enough money.

From the workshops of Kratt

The preparations of ballet "Kratt" ("The Goblin") are well on their way in the Workshops of Estonian National Opera. The ballet is based on Estonian folklore, the composer of the piece is Eduard Tubin, choreographer Marina Kesler, stage designer Madis Nurms, costume designer Gerly Tinn, lights by Karmen Tellisaar and video by Argo Valdmaa.

See the design HERE >>

"Kratt" at the Estonian National Opera

In September 2015 a new production on "Kratt" ("The Goblin") - a ballet by Estonian composer Eduard Tubin will be staged at the Estonian National Opera. The choreographer of the production will be Marina Kesler, set designer Madis Nurms.

See the design HERE >>