Premiere of "Zanaida"

A forgotten treasure - J:Bach's opera "Zanaida" will have its premiere tonight at Staatstheater Mainz, Germany. See some drawings for the production as well as behind-the-scenes video here.

The third ever production of this near-forgotten opera is led by musical director Adam Benzwi and stage director Max Hopp. Set and costume designer of the production is Madis Nurms, lights are by René Zensen, choreographer is Martina Borroni and dramaturg Christin Hagemann. The opera has a brand new German libretto by Doris Decker.

The unique world of “Zanaida” is inspired by a thought that history is just a series of events. If these events had occurred in a different order, the world around us would look completely different. For the set and costume design of this production, we have mixed up the historical timeline, so that futuristic elements are mixed with objects that seem archaic or primitive. 

The same principle applies to evolution. If evolution had been different, for example under other environmental conditions, we would look and act different. These ideas are reflected in our stage world. 


Johann Christian Bach

Premiere 7.11.2019

Musical director: Adam Benzwi
Stage director: Max Hopp
Scenography: Madis Nurms
German libretto: Doris Decker
Light: René Zensen
Dramaturg: Christin Hagemann
Choreographer: Martina Borroni

Zanaida: Alexandra Samouilidou
Roselane: Hege Gustava Tjønn
Mustafá: Brett Carter
Tamasse: Alin Deleanu
Osira: Dorin Rahardja
Cisseo: Philipp Mathmann
Gianguir: David Bennent
Dancers: Ageliki Gouvi, Yuya Fujinami, Martina Borroni

Girls chorus of Dom und St. Quintin, Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Mainz

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