La belle Hélène - Die Schöne Helena

Première December 17th, 2018

Stage director
- Peter Lund
Musical director - Adam Benzwi
Scenographer - Madis Nurms

Performed by
Florentine Beyer, Tristan Giovanoli, Florian Heinke, Ngako Keuni, Johannes Krimmel, Nicola Kripylo, Karim Plett, Denis Riffel, Timo Stacey

"The sexy look of the production is in no small part the result of the costumes designed by Madis Nurms who is responsible for those green underpants which have the names of the characters written on their backs /.../ I fear I will never again be able to listen to Offenbach’s La Belle Hélène without thinking of green underwear when the “Voici les rois de la Grèce” music starts
Kevin Clarke. Operetta Research Center - 18 December, 2018

"La belle Hélène", Offenbach’s take on the on the well-known legend from Greek mythology, was an instant success with both the public and the critics upon its opening in 1864 and enjoyed an initial run of 700 performances. This operetta masks itself cleverly as a parody of antiquity but the brilliant music and suggestive lyrics deal with ultimately modern themes.  

The Christmas production of UdK brings this popular operetta to the stage for one time only. The design spices up the timeless beauty of classical period Greek dress with contemporary cuts and street fashion. Costumes glow in chartreuse-green as a contrast to the delicate transparent materials and luminous golden jewelry.