Full video of "Xiaodie"

Now you can see the full video of modern dance performance "My name is Xiaodie but you can call me baby" online.
"Xiaodie" explores the pleasures found in technology and is danced to the beat of live music mix by Hannaliisa Uusma.

My name is Xiaodie but you can call me baby

Premiere September 20, 2019 STL, Tallinn

Director and choreographer: Indrek Kornel
Music by: Hannaliisa Uusma
Scenographer: Madis Nurms
Light Designer: Anton Kulagin
Dramaturg: Mart Usin
Tailor: Maili Kutti
Makeup: Taimi Lume

Performed by: Laura Maria Murillo Soto, Marit Shirin Carolasdotter, Kristin Tagam, Xiaodie

Full performance video

Rehearsal video with interviews


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