Full video of  Cendrillon by Massenet

Video of the 2023 production of Massenet's sparkling masterpiece "Cendrillon" is now available in full length at the Youtube channel of Pärnu International Opera Music Festival PromFest. The video has English subtitles.
"Madis Nurms's designs evoked internet memes and catwalk shows for the high-end fashion label De La Haltière (Cendrillon's stepmother oozed nouveau riche vulgarity) /.../ The physical stage was shaped by multifunctional cubes resembling giant crystals, yet for all this computer-game appearance the silvery, moonlight-blue lighting (Anton Kulagin) remained true to the dominant colour of Massenet’s score."

John Allison. Opera Magazine. November 2023

In this production, the Cinderella fairy tale takes place on the backdrop of the glamorous world of fashion, complete with runway shows and model fittings. The staging zooms in on the lives and ambitions of the wealthy and powerful De La Haltière family. It deals with the topic of dull reality versus irresistible virtual reality. And, of course, tells a story of a young woman living in forsaken circumstances whose life suddenly changes to remarkable fortune.


Musical Director and Conductor – Erki Pehk
Stage Director and Choreographer – Jüri Nael
Set and Costume Designer – Madis Nurms
Lighting Designer – Anton Kulagin
Video Designer – Liudas Svirskas
Producer – Mihkel Känd
Assistant Director – Olivier van den Hende
Assistant Choreographer – Dainius Bervingis
Assistant Designers – Laura Kaasik, Olga Dmitrijeva
Assistant Video Designers – Tautvydas Stanelis, Ksenia Kvitko
Remixed music – Jakob Juhkam
Stage Manager – Svetlana Gudukienė

Lucette (Cendrillon) - Zuzanna Nalewajek (Poland)
Madame de la Haltière - Jomantė Šležaitė (Lithuania)
Le Prince Charmant - Abi Levis (USA)
La Fée - Eszter Zemlenyi (Hungary)
Pandolfe - Laimonas Pautienius (Lithuania)
Noémie - Gabrielė Bukinė (Lithuania)
Dorothée - Ieva Goleckytė (Lithuania)
The King - Vladimiras Prudnikovas
"The world of the rich and famous becomes a ski resort including a lift and slopes (impressive set design by Madis Nurms) - associations: Kitzbühel, St. Moritz, Aspen. Of course, it's less about winter sports than about putting yourself in the spotlight as influencers, which is why stepmother and step-sisters compete for the best Instagram selfie."

Christoph Oscar Hofbauer. Orpheus Magazin. Nov/Dec 2023

Photos by Domas Rimeika, Stefanija Nosovaitė

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