First night of "Waiting" tomorrow

The stage is already set for tomorrow's premieré - Indrek Kornel's dance piece "Waiting". The performance is site-specific and takes place at the Museum of Occupations. The location is specially adapted for the choreography and performing at a museum gives a playful dimension to the subject matter of the piece.

In "Waiting" two seasoned dancers Reet Paavel and Ülle Toming, both in their sixties, use their changed bodies to tell a story about their love for dance. The world of professional dance can be ruthless - in each passing year, many of its brightest stars are replaced by fresher, much younger bodies. While experience and longevity are still respected, the dancers need to be on the stage dies hard.

Promising young choreographer Indrek Kornel now explores the themes of changing bodies and the urge to stay active in a piece both nostalgic and light-hearted. The main subject is how to find ways for retired dancers to reinvent themselves as the world around them is inevitably changing. The performance is set to the music of Sergei Prokofiev and uses an excerpt of Ludwig van Beethoven’s sonata performed by acknowledged pianist Adam Benzwi.


Choreographer – Indrek Kornel
Scenographer – Madis Nurms
Lighting designer – Oliver Kulpsoo
Sound designer - Argo Vals
Performed by Ülle Toming and Reet Paavel
featuring Adam Benzwi

Photos Rünno Lahesoo


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