Opera "Cendrillon" dressed to the nines

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The first rehearsal week of "Cendrillon" by Jules Massenet draws to an end. 

In this production, the Cinderella fairy tale takes place on the backdrop of the glamorous world of fashion, complete with runway shows and model fittings. The staging zooms in on the lives and ambitions of the wealthy and powerful De La Haltière family. It deals with the topic of dull reality versus irresistible virtual reality. And, of course, tells a story of a young woman living in forsaken circumstances whose life suddenly changes to remarkable fortune. Using the original ballet music of the piece, "Cendrillon" will have three fashion shows demonstrating the creations of the high-end fashion label De La Haltière. All of the collections are put together using the principles of circularity - redesigning garments and recapturing “waste” as a resource to manufacture new products.

Les mandores

The first runway show is full out theatrical and loosely inspired by the clothing trends in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. It juxtaposes modesty in form with boldness, glitz and glamour in the material. High-octane fabric is sculpted into garments that accentuate the curves of a body; the lion's share of the heads and arms are coyly covered.  

La florentine

Back to basics - this cruise collection is all about the evergreen combination of black-and-white, stripes and spots.  The tailoring of this collection favors softer, slouchier shapes and drifts from casual to sleek. It's made from breathable fabrics that require less ironing and maintenance. The collection includes a vertical stripes jumpsuit and dappled millinery for a fierce look, as well as such resort wear staples as the flowy robes and wide-leg trousers.

Les filles de noblesse

The third show combines athleisure with sugary marshmallow tones.  Catwalk lights up in soft, candyfloss shades of pink, vivid turquoise and saccharine lilac. Oversized jackets and vests are sprinkled on top of the swimwear for chillier nights in the tropics. Some lightweight bags add a boho touch, and chic sunhats and fedoras complete the look. The material for these poolside is recaptured from the cool and airy textiles used in sportswear.


Musical director: Erki Pehk
Stage director: Jüri Nael, assistants Olivier Van Den Hende, Dainius Bervingis
Scenographer: Madis Nurms, assistants Laura Kaasik, Olya Dmitrijeva 
Lighting designer: Anton Kulagin
Video designer: Liudas Svirskas

Lucette (Cendrillon) - Zuzanna Nalewajek (Poland)
Madame de la Haltière - Kadi Jürgens (Estonia)
Le Prince Charmant - Abi Levis (USA)
La Fée - Eszter Zemlenyi (Hungary)
Pandolfe - Laimonas Pautienius (Lithuania)
Noémie - Gabrielė Bukinė (Lithuania)
Dorothée - Ieva Goleckytė (Lithuania)
The King - Vladimiras Prudnikovas

"Cendrillon" by Jules Massenet' premieres in September 2023.

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More about Cendrillon

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