Premiere of "Blue"

This Sunday, April 8, 2018 marks the premiere of a new dance piece "Blue" by Kalli Pikas at the Karlova Theatre, Tartu. Design of "Blue" mixes mandalas painted using traditional methods with projected video and lighting to create an unique light-play on the dancers bodies and  in the performance space.

Dance piece "Blue" is seventh in the series of color-inspired works by choreographer-turned artist Kalli Pikas. Her debut show called "Pink" was soon followed by "White", "Black", "Red", "Green" and "Yellow". "Yellow" was nominated for the Estonian Dance Award in 2017.

The piece revolves around the way that thoughts are born and how they live on affecting their creator as well as others. "Blue" uses vocalizing and musical instruments that are specially made for the purposes of this piece -   cajóns. A cajón is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from the slave musicians in the Spanish colonial Americas. All the paintings used in the design of the piece are made by the dancers themselves. 

Photos by Tiina Viirelaid


Choreographer - Kalli Pikas
Musical direction - Helen Kirsi
Video- and lighting design - Madis Nurms 

Performed by Kalli Pikas, Helen Kirsi, Erika Tamm, Anna Kõivistik, Hanna Eliisa Madilainen, Signe Tammekunn and Triinu Heinsoo

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