New images from the Fledermaus preparations

From December 6-12 Madis Nurms was in Burgas, Bulgaria overseeing the preparations for „Die Fledermaus“. See the photos HERE >>

During this time the first chorus costumes were prepared and the set building reached the second phase. The projection screen was cut and installed on the panels. All of the panel surfaces are cut with a computer-guided mechanism and are exactly alike. Nevertheless, all 200 of them have to be installed by hand to ensure the proper functionality. The workshop showed great enthusiasm in attaching the elements and the preparations are going according to the schedule.  


Die Fledermaus will have it's premiere on the January 29th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The production is mounted by Stichting Internationale Opera Producties and will be played in 22 different locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, including DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam, nieuwe Luxor Theater in Rotterdam, Koninklijke Schouwburg in Haag, Capitole in Gent etc. Exact playbill can be found here >> 


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