Last "Ohlala" in Estonian National Opera

The last chance to see the ballet "Ohlala...Ça c’est passé comme ça" by Tõnu Veiler in Estonia on Monday, June 4th  2012.


"Ohlala" is the first performance of the international dance-company T-Ballet. Choreographer  of the piece is Tõnu Veiler, music is mixed by french DJ Manue G, assistant-choreographer Anu Ruusmaa, lighting design by Karmen Tellisaar, costume and set design by Madis Nurms.


Dancers include Mari (Savitski) Kõiv, Jevgeni Grib, Paula Veiler, Ksenia Chamova, Veronika

Vallimäe, Einar Lints, Raho Aadla, Joonas Tagel, Anu Ruusmaa and others.

See the overview by Estonian television here: VIDEO >>




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