Exhibition at Tartu Art School

On thursday, 1 March an solo exhibition of Madis Nurms will be opened at the Tartu Art School. The exhibition focuses on the role of the designer in theater, the visitors are introduced to the process where sketches, drawings and models form the visual basis of a performance.

Visitors can see the plans of various musical theater productions, materialsamples and production photos. Of course, one can also find authentic costumesand mock-ups of the stage, where all the scenographyis reduced to a quarter of its actual size, and the roles fulfilled by miniature people.

Also one can get an idea of how various objects are made for the stage. You can see closely both the science fiction weapons from the opera "Attila" and the copperhelmet from it’s poster. Visitors can get a sense of environmental awareness in scenography as the costumesout of recycled materials from the opera"Thais" are on display. The usage of contemporary synthetic materials (plastic,rubber, LED lighting)in modern costumecreation is also represented.

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