Cabaret program of Désirée Nick

Set and lighting design for the show of German singer and actress Désirée Nick on a Caribbean cruise ship.

Désirée Nick is a multi-faceted artist, known for her performances as an actress/singer from manifold performances at the Friedrichstadtpalast, Komische Oper Berlin, the Renaissance Theater, Volksbühne, Gorki Theater etc.

The cabaret program balances between glamour, grotesque and comedy, it offers a cross-section of the music from the Golden Twenties, the decade of the 1920s in Germany. She is accompanied by pianist Adam Benzwi, conductor of the Komische Oper Berlin and a specialist of popular music from the twenties and thirties.

The show is built around couplets and chansons by Friedrich Hollaender, German composer who is known for his juxtapositions of classical and popular music in numerous film scores. In the 1920s the composer became the voice of the new Berlin and much of this creativity drew on the political tensions of the day. Hollaender wrote not only the music but also biting and hilarious lyrics for literary cabarets, becoming famous for his gift for parody, satire and playfulness.

is a female professional entertainer, an actress who presents dramatic recitals, usually sung accompanied by music. In this show "The Last Living Diseuse" Désirée "La Nick" commemorates the icons of the glittering era of Hollaender with sharp texts, charm and elegance. The show is performed only two times at the theatre of  Mein Schiff 6. The theatre is constructed over four levels and the auditorium seats over 1,000 people. Mein Schiff 6 is the newest member of the TUI Cruises' fleet since June 2017. This spectacular ship is 295 meters long and has the capacity to house up to 2500 passengers. The show is introduced by the queen of the Berlin gay club scene Nina Queer.

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