Madis Nurms - Scenographer

"One of the most daring and textually motivated designs in the contemporary Estonian Opera Theatre"

Teater.Muusika.Kino - February 2012

"Nurms succeeded splendidly in walking on the edge of different eras - images and colors referring to 20th century cubism and Art Nouveau with contemporary refined, playful fashion design, all united under the term "stylization""

  Muusika - May 2018

"Estonian designer Madis Nurms fills the almost empty Mainz stage with fantastic costumes: out of the skulls of macho king Tamasse and his relatives grow ram horns decorated with pearls and gold – as a sign of ruthless authority. Zanaida and her followers, on the other hand, carry a third eye on their foreheads, which represents the way to intuition, wisdom and knowledge"                                                                  
Deutschlandfunk - November 11th, 2019